Thursday, August 20, 2009

directory of posts January

Since I'm bored and have nothing much to do...

I'll make a recent directory of my posts and try to summarize everything. Writing something that makes sense is hard to do, especially after brutal examinations.

I've been using blogger just this year and I've been quite remiss in writing. :(

Anyway, for January...

A new blog!

Is my first blog entry using blogger. I found a little learning curve switching between in A Friend Of Wisdom and blogger.

A Brave New World

I was reading Huxley's book at that time. Which I found on the internet. I also forgot where I found it so I'll have to look for it again. I haven't been able to get in touch with Anna P. recently about her copy. It's been a busy year.

Pushing for change

Is an entry displaying my views on change in the Philippines. It's a short and not too well researched piece, taken from other blogs and tv pieces. And yes, there is still no long run in the Philippines.

A Tale of Two Blogs

My first confusion as how to write for A Friend Of Wisdom and Fides Quarens Intellectum


Taken from wits it's a short film posted on youtube. Very artsy. :)

To school or not to school?

A post on how tiring the daily grind is, and how useful enduring the daily grind of law school will be in the future. Thankfully I no longer have to live with the lousy 12 noon schedule and instead will have to deal with those erratic make-up classes at 10am and wait for a few hours before my regular schedule kicks in.

Van Gogh art of the day

Was my attempt to prettify my blog. I find that a painting here and there will do wonders to brighten up such a sparse scene as mine. Unfortunately, the widget that enabled me to showcase Van Gogh paintings has since then disappeared.

On well-being and being well

I've always thought spas were pansy things to go to. Fortunately, thanks to several friends and a special someone I've since then changed my mind about spas and wellness centers and have thought of them as good places to go to when I need to relax. Of course the cost will likely limit the number of times I'll visit them.

There is a calendar of posts (arranged in chronological order) in every page of my blog

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