Wednesday, January 28, 2009

To school or not to school?

For anyone matriculating there comes a point where you ask yourself "what am I fighting for? Why do I strive so much to see so little change?" And then comes the dangerous idea of "Maybe I should just quit? Its probably not for me anyway."

For a student, a grad student at that, to feel that way is a damn shame. Its a shameful incident because I'll just be wasting my time and money at home (not making money) instead of going to law school (where the possibility of making money in the future is big). So a student who feels school's not for him, isn't really seriously feeling it. He's just dead tired. I myself stop and think "why do I subject myself to the hardships of transportation and to the difficulties of school?" I have at times given these thoughts serious mind-time (because its just not air in my head). I dug and dug and found that I was just tired from all the work/study. I could give you a thousand and one excuses why I shouldn't go to school today but you'll find me at campus later at 12 noon. Why? The possibility of making money is still better than the reality of not making money! This is what all students who'd want to quit should remember. Stay in school graduate and make money. Get out of school and not be employed. Or be duped by unscrupulous suppliers or criminal elements.

Some people symbolize education as a book and a torch. I find that this mirrors reality. Education will give you a small spark, education won't change you too much it will just improve your thought processes a little, to start a big fire. Education is not just a guiding light for our life, it is a means to achieve greatness not just an aid to it. In any case you can likewise check ray's blog to see that being in a university or college can let you meet new, and possibly useful, people. He's been my classmate and team mate since High School, he's been a business partner in college and a good friend of mine. We met in school (duh High School), which just goes to show how many good people you'll meet when you stay in school.


  1. i agree. you cant just stop in the middle of school and say to yourself that you dont want this anymore. its like you threw away half of your life already!! we can do this. we're all just burnt out or something. go and relax din kasi..

  2. Hahaha But you have to admit it gets kind of boring in law school. Besides the world really isn't contained in that small plot of land in Rockwell. The world still goes round and round despite the way we view it as if it is suspended and the only way to move it is through our actions in law school. But yeah if we quit now, we'll be throwing away loads of cash! hahaha