Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The rat

A large rat crawled from the refurbished portion of our yet unfinished house into the old part. It went in like cowboys enter saloons, swaggering, bristling for a fight.

Normally, I would move to ignore such creatures of God as they invade my space. My thinking is if they let you be, you leave them be. As Discovery Channel, Animal Planet and National Geographic have shown us for the past years, animals are more often than not portrayed as vicious by the media and by our imagination but are more than ready to flee than fight.

This rat possessed not the meek subservience that other creatures of God show when confronted with homo sapiens. This one entered sniffing about, probably suffering from all the cement and concrete powder billowing about in our house. This one was different, this one was waiting to get its ass kicked.

Unfortunately, before I could grab the nearest broom and whack it, it had disappeared. I reported the incident to my mother and she reminded of the old stories with rats, snakes and other animals.

If you don't kill it, it will come back for you.

Not just come back in the sense that it'll be physically present. It will come back and pop caps up yo' ass! These creatures she says seem to possess the ability to remember who or what attacked them and exact revenge on them. So it should be killed in one deft stroke, or several amateurish but forceful and violent blows.

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