Sunday, May 27, 2012

Tweeting and writing

Does twitter have an effect on how we write?

I've read on how text messaging has affected the ability to write negatively. Also, oddly enough, you could find views online that the effects are generally positive.

I would understand that texting would severely affect the writing style of people, but how about tweeting? It's essentially the same thing, but with a wider audience. Instead of communicating one-on-one, as in text messaging, you broadcast your tweet to the world. Would tweeting have an effect on how we think and how write?

I'm going to read up some more and try to write something more coherent next time.


I have recently "re-discovered" the value of reading people's blogs.

They get to show you the wonders of them Internetz.

Take for example, this one. This basically covers a whole swath of topics needed for everyday Manila life. From insightful market reports to tips and tricks on how to survive the commute home, it's a refreshing take on things.

Another example, from the same author, is the Track Beauty of the Week posts.

Blogs like the examples above show how varied the interests of a person are, and how infinitely interesting people can get. So read up and meet up would be my take away for this one.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Sweeney Todd tried to pull a fast one on me.

I went to the local barbershop to get shaved. Unfortunately, the barber turned my face into sisig parts instead. I am now in the market for a good electric shaver/ beard trimmer. I've read online that electric shavers aren't meant to be used on longish hair so that might be a problem. I'm just looking at the Braun Series 1 shaver and the Braun Cruzer trimmer.

Both are inordinately expensive, especially when you compare them with the undying Gillette Rubie 2.

Decisions, decisions.