Sunday, March 11, 2012

Things that I would like to have

Speaking of desire.

Here's a link to the Sony Experia S, something that I am thinking of getting for myself.

Either that or a nice leather bag for all my "important" documents.

The Sony Experia S is still listed as coming soon as you'll see if you checked it out. Thanks to a scoop by TechLokal's Alora we have a ballpark figure of PhP28,500 for it. I'll wait for the reviews before going all crazy for it.

Alas, for the bag I do think that a Bally bag is still way too much for me, but it's just so serious looking. It would look great for those Florsheim shoes I got for, wait for it, PhP 2,300, yes that is correct, down from PhP8,800.

Oh well let's wait for the next payday and hope for the best.

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