Friday, March 23, 2012

Financial Magic!

By next week I would have embarked into another great adventure.

As I am currently living and breathing like an employee (I look forward to the 2nd and 4th week). I would like to not spend all of my hard earned money by buying something mundane. Sure I might spend a little to watch a show or eat at a nice place, but I wouldn't want to immediately blow all of my money on a material thing. Experiences, for me, occupy a different rung on the hierarchy of needs.

Moving on, I intend to plunk down my cash into fancy financial thingamajigs that the banks and other institutions are currently offering. I might not be able to invest, yes I like stressing that word, anything beyond the minimum participation but then everyone has to start somewhere.

I am considering investing in those Mutual Funds and UITFs just to get a feel for it. I don't foresee any pressing need for me to draw on the funds I will put in anytime soon. So I intend to let it rot there and see if it makes me some more money.

I have read some of the literature on the topic and it seems that there will be risks but I also noticed, in my limited learning, that if you invest in it long enough the risks can and will be absorbed by the gains.

Decisions, decisions.

I'll make a follow up post about it next week.

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