Friday, March 23, 2012

Cheapskate meals

I have tried to live a non-financially dependent life since the beginning of my existence as a cog in the great machine. I would describe my day-to-day activities, in terms of Pesos spent, as miserly.

It would be best to define what I think a cheapskate meal is: it's basically any meal (lunch or dinner) below 100 Pesos.

Today however, was an exception. I actually spent around 300 Pesos (200 on Food 100 on the cab ride).

I wanted to talk about the food. I was surprised at how Pizza Hut has now become a viable alternative to the Jollijeeps that are scattered in Makati, the innumerable fast food chains, and building housed food courts. Thanks to Google Search for coming up with this blog that served as the source for the image of a jollijeep.

Pizza Hut has a 99 Peso meal for 1 and a 198 for 2 with an additional serving of garlic bread. Let me be clear, the food was good but it won't blow you away. What surprised me aside from the awesome price was the fact that they served it ten minutes or less. So Pizza Hut instead of being a pizza place has now transformed into a quick lunch or dinner place. And at 99 Pesos per person only too! Needless to say my co-worker and I spent an additional 100 or so for some more food.

Another place that I found interesting was Blessings & Prosperity a food court along Ayala Avenue. It's a very small, cramped space, with Lilliputian seating too boot. I have been there only once however, and would like to visit again just for the wonderful Mexican themed kiosk there. It was a good meal at around 90 Pesos it seems expensive but its good nonetheless.

The other places I've been to in Makati wouldn't really qualify as cheapskate dining. So that means I'll have to explore that jungle of concrete for more cheapskate nooks.

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