Thursday, October 29, 2009

Updating device drivers and Globe Tattoo

I can't really blame Globe. It just happens to the best of us, what more with a choppy network that's undergoing servicing? Besides, I was downloading a 110MB file.

I was trying to update the device drivers for my video card. Seeing that it is having problems running some programs (i.e. Left 4 dead), I decided to update the drivers. Lo and behold I had to update Java too, that took me 20 minutes (because of the disconnecting, reconnecting wasting 5 pesos-ing). After updating my Java Runtime environment I had to do the scan with Nvidia. It told me to download this 186 file so okay I downloaded it. Wonder of wonders it's 110MB big!

110MB in the age of DSL and Cable and what have you is a minuscule file. You can download that in a few minutes. Unfortunately, for a wireless broadband user like myself I have to bear with the frequent disconnections that occur and the slow speed. So I decided to wait for an hour and a half. 50 minutes into the download firefox tells me that the source file cannot be read. What the hell does that mean? I'm 58% done with the damn thing! So I have to close the download and just blog about another experience with wireless. :(

On top of all that, I'm using tattoo prepaid. So every time I connect I automatically spend 5 Pesos for 15 minutes. I stay connected for an hour or more that's 20 pesos already. I only have 70 pesos left.

I had written two paragraphs worth of text before posting this. Globe decided to disconnect as I was posting it. No draft was saved... Wonderful. I love it!


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