Thursday, October 22, 2009

For the whole of September...

I didn't post anything for the entire month of September. Maybe that's why I've been going stir-crazy at home.

Anyway, I'm trying out the Globe Tattoo prepaid. The promo is it comes free with a laptop and a printer. So there I know have one too many printers at home and an expensive internet account (Php5 for 15 minutes). The amount, incrementally may seem cheap but with how I like to go on the net every few minutes it will pile up.
Also you can't reload the damn thing via laptop, you have to use the SIM (that's already in your USB) to call the 223 number and follow the voiceprompt. :( Stupid, stupid.

I heard Sun's wireless is good! I mean wireless broadband. It's reliable and fast. The Globe one that I have is kind of slow at times. At least it's free :)

I wonder what program will improve my productivity next? (Note: it's 0 at the time of writing)

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