Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Random Drug Testing in NCR!

Random drug testing will now be implemented tomorrow February 4! Let's just hope that the money earmarked will be put to good use. I heard some comments from Good Times With Mo on 89.9 about the random drug testing. Their guest at the time was Atty. Adel Tamano, a dude who seems to be someone of standing in society at the moment. Yes, at the moment, there are times when you just suddenly fall from grace. Anyway, Random drug testing in NCR will be rolled out tomorrow! Won't that just be wild! I haven't read about how's it supposed to go down. In fact I just heard about it from that radio station. Drug addicts beware! Let's just hope that all that pissing doesn't go down the drain. :)


  1. Yung mga addict siguradong absent yan! Yan ang nangyari dito sa amin... sana "surprise" drug testing na lang at di sinabi yung date para mahuli ang mga addict...

  2. Haha sana nga sana nga! 'TE ikaw wag ka mag-absent! hahaha