Monday, February 2, 2009

Editing HTML, Page elements? What?

I really want the readers of this blog, if any, to leave messages. That way I can readily assess how I'm doing. The thing is I have to install a chat-box or some sort of, uh, "widget" in order to be able to put it up. Also, I'm finding that blogger doesn't have quite a lot of alternatives to the shout-out box or chat-box I'm looking for. So I have to go in and edit HTML now. Which I have not done for what 6 years? I'm not looking forward to editing HTML today, not tomorrow nor ever. I find it too hard and too confusing. My intellect has its limits.


  1. hahahaha. you sure are becoming a techie. visit my friend's site I am still going my site

  2. how about taking classes or tutorials? HTML isn't really that hard to learn. Or you can just read through some self-help stuff by googling for HTML tutorials online.

  3. Haamssterrr PogimanApril 27, 2009 at 10:24 PM

    sabihin mo lang sakin padalhan kita ng mga ebooks na nakatulong sakin sa trabaho ko. (sorry a, ayoko mag inggles) ahahahahaha bakla