Friday, January 30, 2009

On Well-Being and being well

A spa serves to relax and calm a person. But can it also cure him?

It depends on the idea of a cure. If a cure is a pill, a capsule or a tablet then the relaxation of one's body will not be a cure.

My university advocated many things but one I remember more "Mens sana in corpore sano" A sound mind in a sound body. I believe that the mind, the will can do great things. Mind over matter it has been said. But once the body breaks, the mind can no longer do.

So back to the idea of a spa. Or therapy, or treatment or whatever which way you choose to designate it. As long as you can relax, it will be good for you.

I posted in my other blog A friend of wisdom an entry about ENIT or Etheric Nerve Impulse Therapy. I find that its really a good experience I recommend checking it out if you're in the Philippines. It is not magic nor the fusion of science and belief that I think differentiates ENIT from other forms of relaxation. In fact I don't think ENIT is different at all.

The main concept behind such therapy is the appeasement of a troubled mind through calming of the body. The main cause of our aches and pains is usually stress. Stress cannot be felt by the body, it is the mind that feels the stress and the body must feel sleep-deprivation, unhealthy diets, lack of exercise etc. ENIT strives to go after those aches and pains by releasing the symptoms of stress and at the same time calming the mind, through Nerve therapy (i.e. really good massage)

In sum I think there should be a holistic or at least pragmatic approach to fighting stress. You go after the pains of the body so you can calm the mind. I think it would be good to mix and match different styles, whether its a massage you're after (like what you'll get in ENIT) or you're looking for hours to be alone and reflect, it depends on what you want. Whatever it is you do to relax your mind and body keep in mind the Latin phrase "mens sana in corpore sano" a sound mind in a sound body.

Van Gogh Art for the day!

I like these plug-ins that come with the blog! You can actually put a "Van Gogh Art for the day" to liven up your blog. I'll keep on exploring the features of blogger first though. I must confess my ignorance when it comes to blogging. I've been blogging on for over a year now but I still haven't gotten around to fully exploring the capabilities of the platform. In any case I hope that I can get to it this year with my domesticatedman blog and this one.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

To school or not to school?

For anyone matriculating there comes a point where you ask yourself "what am I fighting for? Why do I strive so much to see so little change?" And then comes the dangerous idea of "Maybe I should just quit? Its probably not for me anyway."

For a student, a grad student at that, to feel that way is a damn shame. Its a shameful incident because I'll just be wasting my time and money at home (not making money) instead of going to law school (where the possibility of making money in the future is big). So a student who feels school's not for him, isn't really seriously feeling it. He's just dead tired. I myself stop and think "why do I subject myself to the hardships of transportation and to the difficulties of school?" I have at times given these thoughts serious mind-time (because its just not air in my head). I dug and dug and found that I was just tired from all the work/study. I could give you a thousand and one excuses why I shouldn't go to school today but you'll find me at campus later at 12 noon. Why? The possibility of making money is still better than the reality of not making money! This is what all students who'd want to quit should remember. Stay in school graduate and make money. Get out of school and not be employed. Or be duped by unscrupulous suppliers or criminal elements.

Some people symbolize education as a book and a torch. I find that this mirrors reality. Education will give you a small spark, education won't change you too much it will just improve your thought processes a little, to start a big fire. Education is not just a guiding light for our life, it is a means to achieve greatness not just an aid to it. In any case you can likewise check ray's blog to see that being in a university or college can let you meet new, and possibly useful, people. He's been my classmate and team mate since High School, he's been a business partner in college and a good friend of mine. We met in school (duh High School), which just goes to show how many good people you'll meet when you stay in school.


I found this on my friend wits' site. Really really cool video on how to vandalize. Tells a story (if you can see one I thought I did). Really really nice. Mad props.

Like him, I found it great that the people who made this video really took the time to paint on the wall, let it dry, take a video of it, paint it again etc. Just click play now.

A tale of two blogs

I don't know what to write in this blog or my first blog A Friend of Wisdom. I'd like to write but there seems to be, at the moment, a dearth of material. Or at least inspiration for me. In any case I'll just write about my thoughts for the day here, regarding my reflections, and for causes and other matter in A Friend of Wisdom.

Of course I can just write any which way I want. Those are my blogs anyway. :)

Pushing for change

I've read some (meaning 1 or half way beyond one) analyses of the effects of Obama on the Philippines.

I believe that we have to break from the concept of export-fueled growth. We have to adopt the North Korean concept of Self-Reliance. No, I'm just kidding. But the Philippines really has to step up its own production as we are a nation of 90 million people since last year. Assuming that around 70-80% is below the poverty line that still leaves you a few million to go after as domestic demand. We are primarily an agricultural country that actually imports produce, meat, dairy and other food products. Yes the Philippines is halfway between being agricultural and industrial. Industrialization has been, is and will be a mess for the Philippines while current policies on agriculture (especially the lack of subsidies) are forcing farmers to stop farming and start selling the land that they own (thanks to the horrendously inefficient and ineffective Agrarian Reform Program) back to the former land owners, who will subsequently convert these lands into non-agricultural land. This serves to remove the land from the ambit of the Agrarian Reform Program and at the same time transform the land into a potential hectare of rice or other product into a condominium unit, technopark or industrial park.

A local dairy organization has likewise said that the Philippines is importing 99% of dairy. It would be better to create more dairy farms than import dairy in the long run. But that's the problem. There is no long run in the Philippines.

In any case I hope to make a dent on our problems in the future.

A Brave New World

Speaking of New Stuff. I still haven't managed to read A Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. That book is really one of those books that I really, really would like to read. I also would like to get a copy of the Analects and Tao Te Ching, I feel that these last two works would really give me a wider perspective on things. I'm still looking for a perspective with which I can tackle the problems of daily life using only that perspective. I want it to be all-encompassing, yet non-containing. I want to be like water, the water that Bruce Lee told all people to become.

I have read snatches on the concept of Bruce Lee, specifically Wu Wei and Wu Hsin. (I doubt I spelled both correctly) Doing without doing and not thinking or non-thinkning I think. In any event, I think that Bruce Lee's application of his views, on Chinese philosophy and philosophers, to martial arts is a very concrete way to distill these abstractions. If you were just going to read the books without trying to even apply it in "real" life then it would be just like any book. It will affect you temporarily but will not cause a stretch or growth in your person. Bruce Lee's Martial Arts philosophy can be extruded from the narrow (I say this in the sense that not all people are martial arts practitioners) field of martial arts and redrawn into a wider backdrop for people to readily accept it and apply it to their own lives.

More on this soon.

A new blog!

I have a new blog! I named it fides quarens intellectum for "faith seeking understanding". Basically it is an experience all people will undergo. I think its in Civilization 4 where one quote is "Nature has implanted in the minds of all men the idea of God". We are all seeking a greater being in one way or another and for greatly differing reasons. Some seek to blame others to praise. I will detail in this blog my experiences and thoughts on things great and small. I will usually post here and in my other blog on various thoughts. I don't intend to shut down the yet.

Which leads me to the blog URL which is I will write posts only during my free time and after I have thouroughly thought about the experiences. Good luck to all of us.